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​Tracy has been helping me with my skin for over 10 months now. With her caring nature and positive outlook has managed to do what no dermatologist or medications can do. My skin is in great shape and my confidence is coming back.

Alison Garling

Tracy and I connected through a mutual friend on a professional level at a time when I had fallen to pieces from a massive life event .

I had post traumatic symptoms and felt like a wounded animal and was not functioning .

Tracy gently guided me , shoulder to shoulder , through this time . She showed me how to heal my heart and my body  with simple and calm  support where I could speak and hear myself . Tracy reminded me of how to self care . She helped me to understand my reactions and emotions and continued to be available to me when I needed her .

I honestly felt like I owe my recovery in part to her support . She is a healer .

Kristen  ...   Thornleigh 

I feel blessed to have met Tracy Lucock, a kindred spirit who shares my passion for nature, spirituality and holistic health.

Tracy has given me valuable nutritional advice over the years. In recent months I have experienced number of holistic counseling sessions, which I've found very valuable. I have done a lot of personal development and healing work over the past ten years while managing a serious health condition and the sessions I've had with Tracy have helped me to see my situation in a new light, with a fresh perspective which has helped me through some challenging times in 2012.

Tracy is loving, caring, easy to talk to and understanding. I feel very at ease when sharing anything with her. I always find she listens mindfully and never makes judgments. Her advice is always for my best and highest good and empowers me to work through any situation with confidence and ease.

I am eternally grateful to Tracy for all she does. An inspiration for all and one of few people I know who truly walks their talk.

Trudi Bird

Tracys skill as a counselor is enhanced by her understanding of the body and her experience as a herbalist . She strives to achieve balance in the body using her own innate healing abilities , together with the science of epigenetics . It is evident that she walks her talk and doesnt ask people to do what she has not tried herself , this is a rare quality and explains why people readily gravitate to her .

Over the years my children and I have engaged in her services as a counselor and her wisdom is dispensed in a way that is easily understood .

Simone .....Matcham 

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