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Area of service is mid north coast N.s.w covering between Forster and Taree.... Outside this area  may incur traveling expenses 

Would you like to have a workshop run in your own space. This may be a business, home or just area of choice.  Workshops to choose from include;


Meditation /relaxation, health. This workshop focuses on finding peace within to allow for the healing of the body.


Group therapy / workplace problems.


Health / nutrition. This workshop explores natural alternatives and healthy diet and lifestyle. Seasonal lifestyle plans.


Finding your purpose. This workshop focuses on exploring your soul purpose and how to live a happier and more fulfilled life. 


House or office energy cleanse

8 principles of good health &  well being 

In this workshop we explore the 8 principles to good health & well being 

Digestive health 

This workshop explores how we can keep our digestive system in tip top shape . I will teach you how the digestive system works and how using food , herbs , nutrition and loving kindness will keep your digestive system working well .

Yoga to you 

Private yoga class  in your own space . This class is designed for your needs . 

Detox program 


Details coming in spring 


Julia voice jam 




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