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Holistic Counselling Services

Holistic counselling combines traditional counseling with complimentary therapies where the physical,psychological and spiritual are all considered .The holistic approach to well being  offers new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and can help with:

  • Dealing with relationship issues, family and work

  • Improving self esteem, self acceptance, self love and self worth

  • Improving quality of life

  • Overcoming negative patterns, addictions etc

  • Dealing with grief, guilt and emotional issues relating

  • Discovering your meaning and purpose, lack of direction and achieving goals

  • Dealing with depression

  • Empowering ways to deal with everyday life challenges

  • Physical health issues

  • Healing from trauma and abuse

  • Letting go of old beliefs and fears holding you back from enjoying your life

  • Living a healthy lifestyle

  • Healthy weight loss

  • Psych-K balance (Is a process designed to create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This whole brain state  is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new self enhancing beliefs, reducing unwanted stress and helping you to access  your full response potential, in meeting life challengers). Not avail by phone counselling  sorry .

If you would like to make an appointment for a counselling session or would like further information please contact Tracy on 0416 171544. 




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